Finding Catering Services

Whether you are arranging a birthday party, an anniversary party, a corporate meeting, or an after-party social gathering catering in Miami can help to make your event successful. Depending on the occasion you can choose from a variety of cuisine to prepare meals for up to 200 people at a time. Private BBQ catering in Miami will provide scrumptious meat, seafood, and cold beverages.

catering in miami

For business travelers in Miami a private chef is essential. Miami offers a wide range of professional catering service companies including premium restaurants, small family-owned businesses, and well-known chains. Private chefs in Miami offer a range of menu options to meet any occasion. Private chefs are especially helpful in situations where you need to cater a large group and cannot afford to go with a large catering service.

Private BBQ catering in miami specializes in both barbecued and non-barbecued food. The most popular BBQ catering services in Miami include the Char Bar, The Grill, and Jack Daniel’s. These catering companies offer a variety of classic southern BBQ recipes, as well as an extensive line of Asian inspired dishes. Other popular choices for BBQ catering in miami include the Jack Daniel’s located on south beach, which offers a delicious homemade sweet corn soup and a large variety of meats and side dishes. Several local Miami companies offer similar but less expensive choices including Sweet Tomatoes, Tater Tots, and Macaroni and Cheese.

Corporate Events Business catering in miami offers a wide range of corporate catering services to help your business meet its various needs. In addition to traditional business catering, Miami offers other forms of catering that are ideal for conferences and company meetings. If you are planning a business meeting in the city, you can hire the services of a Miami corporate catering company, which specializes in catering for conventions and conferences. A professional corporate catering company in miami offers a comprehensive line of items that are perfect for business meetings and conferences, including custom sandwiches, catering supply carts, bridal receptions, and more.

South Beach is Miami’s premier entertainment district, and an indispensable hub for Miami’s Cuban and international communities. Because the south beach area is popular among visitors from across the world, you will find an abundance of businesses catering to the tastes of visitors. Many businesses in south beach provide top quality catering services, including corporate BBQ catering, wedding catering, and event catering. Some popular choices for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels that serve catered food include Bellagio Hotel, Harry Barlow’s Miami Beach Resort, and Sofitel Le Soufriere, amongst others.

South Florida is home to some of the most popular sports teams in the nation. Miami is a central spot for sports enthusiasts, as well, boasting professional sports franchises in the form of the Miami Heat, and Miami Dolphins. These teams often rely on a bbq catering service, to cater for team fans and guests. Other popular sports teams and organizations include the Miami Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Heat, and the Orlando Magic. There are many other sports-related businesses in south florida, and a quick search on the internet will reveal the range of businesses catering for a variety of different events.